Your Contractor

Start with a list of reliable contractors you were referred to by word of mouth and that have done work similar to what you want. You can also search on the Internet or even check with supplies stores.

Do not rely blindly on customer references that a contractor will provide you with. Call the contractors clients and ask them to share technical details of the work. What were the main problems of the job? Did the contractor keep the client informed throughout the project? Did he make ​​changes to planned work and, if so ,how did he deal with them?

At the first meeting, some contractors will give you a cost estimate. Beware of people telling you: ” You must decide today to qualify for this special offer … ” Do not sign any contract at the first meeting. Ask the contractor to explain their suggestions on how to perform the work and make sure he has all the skills and qualifications  required to deliver the project.

Go for someone who is willing and able to help you improve your project and that will offer you the best value for money and efficiency. If you find that you cannot communicate effectively with him, the business relationship might become very tense and the work may drag on before it’s completed.

Finally, do not go for a contractor because he offers the lowest price. If it sounds too good to be true, it is probably the case.