Color is a powerful tool to shape a room and is one of the most important elements of interior design.

Different combinations of colors and hues can radically change the aspect of an interior. By using color to create different optical effects, we can alter the perceived depth of a room or the height of a ceiling.

We can also hide certain features of an interior and highlight others. For example, we can create an intimate mood in a room with a very high ceiling by drawing the eye down with the clever use of color on the bottom part of the walls (1/3 of the wall) . If on the contrary, you have an interior with a very low ceiling, it is best to work the color into vertical strips of different sizes and colors that will add height to the room.

Very small rooms can be changed with the use of color by visually pushing the walls and creating perspective. Playing with a duo of shades, the darker one highlighting the base of the walls, the lighter shade covering the rest, will open up the space. If we want to create depth in an interior, we can play with the perspective by choosing a light shade for the walls and painting the bottom wall with a darker color. Of course each case is different and Maoya Design will advise the customer on the best color schemes for the moods, volume furniture and light of each room.