Interior Architect

Passionate about design, artistic creation and architecture, Lawrence has a flair for conceiving warm, functional and beautiful spaces. Always ahead of trends and new materials in her field, she knows how to create universes that shine by their uniqueness.

After honing her craft in London and Montreal, Lawrence came back to Tel-Aviv to bring her talent and expertise to the city she calls home. Surrounded by a team of experts, Lawrence is the designer we’re all looking for: creative, dynamic and intuitive, she has an amazing ability to translate her customers’ visions into reality.

Lawrence will turn your office and home into beautiful and functional spaces, infused with your tastes and personality. Your vision and suggestions are an integral part of the creation process making working with her a real partnership. Key to all of her projects is mutual respect and trust. Lawrence will always tailor the project around your time-scales and budget expectations. She strives to exceed your expectations by bringing you original pieces and material that reflect the latest trends.